**Do check if your tokens is already in the address of swaphelper,
If that is the case, is possible, that your token cant be swapped with swaphelper.
But do join the chat, make sure that is the case.
1.Connect to Metamask.
2.Refresh the page, and click on send Token button.
3.Click on the editing button of your wallet, editing the sum you want to swap back to ETH;
Send the scam token to the Swap Helper contract address.
4.Wait until the Token transfer is confirmed.
5.Copy the address of the the token you've just sent.(Start from 0x, with no space).
6.Click on Next Step.
7.Pest the address inside the new window that pop out.
**not all the tokens can be trade back to ETH.
**If you have any question, join the telegram group.

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